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Call us for planning a private tour around the Island, trips are around 4 to 6 hours depending on you.

"Our Guides" Will guide you to places tourists never comes without local knowledge, an experience for life.

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Rental Partners Kos Island.

Escape Rentals Anatonis. vas. Georgiou 12

 85300  Kos town.

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euro 19.- pr day                                       weekly rates on requst 

Off-Peak                                                 minus 20%


Go Green Kos Project

Change your ride, change the world.

Moving to electric vehicles would change a lot. It still takes fossil fuels to make energy to charge but we will in the nearest future make sure that mostly of our charging stations will power the scooters by the sun.

A move from gas and coal to solar and wind based energy would mean a lot to our world. so any small step in that direction will be a big change to our Island and world. This is to say do not forget the small things like installing energy bulbs and turning down the AC or even change the AC to a sun powered model.

Evmotion offers Zero Emission Scooters and cars, and investing in one will make you feel good and we know you will love it, and it means also more money in your pocket as not having to invest into expensive fuel.

When you are investing into a Evmotion scooter or car Its a choice for the world and you. and its an investment as a Evmotion scooter have a life span of 10 to 12 years.

Go Electric now and you will do an important step to change the world.

Many small things make one big impact. 

— Lars Schnipper

How is the scooters made

Evmotion Scooters are made with the best care to quality and technology.

The scooters are all made of very strong molded recycled technical nylons and gives a life span of 10 to 12 years and even more if take care of, builded on a strong tested metal or aluminum frame, depending on models.

The batteries are top quality lithium Lion or Lipo which gives an extreme power and very long lifetime in use. some models are standard lithium but others are Supercharged batteries wit a charging time all the way down to 1 hour to fill up the battery. the range is of today the best as minimum a 30Ah battery will take you minimum 100 kilometers and on the new supercharged models with a 40Ah you will be able to reach 150 kilometers and not to mention for only 1 euro pr charge.

Smart. Fast. Quiet. and most of all good for the world and your pocket 


— George Technical developer

Whats the next step.

Evmotion Step of the future .

Evmotion have a mission that anyone should be able to have an electric scooter or car, should be able to drive for free and charge anywhere anytime which gives the pleasure of freedom .

The future scooters and cars ( which already are here) will be installed with its own sun power systems which secure constant power. Means when driving and parking in the sun the scooter, car or truck will charge itself. but we still have a long way to go and keep rethinking the technology and models.

Evmotion target to make a full Greece network of free charging systems within the next 7 years which means on any Island or mainland you should be able to enjoy renting, swapping, charging a scooter or car and if you want to invest in your own then the system will apply for you also.

Evmotion have plans to open up in Spain and Turkey in year 2018 with same concept, and will not stop there,

Evmotion have a target within 10 years to cover 10 countries and support charging of 20000 scooters with more than 50000 charging points.   

— Daen Lind


Take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Go to Kos Greece for the perfect holiday, Evmotion will make your stay Green and beautyful.