Go Green GREECE.. Charging Partners. People who care about our beautiful Greece

Evmotion is proud to launch this beautiful project and without our Great partners around the Greek Islands, then we could not have done it.

All our partners are supporting Go Green Greece, which is a Fight Pollution Project. We Target to turn the whole Island Electric within a period of 5 years. Means NO more noise from Scooters and motorbikes, No more smoke and smells, which will make Greece a more pleasant place for tourists to enjoy a holiday.

We target to install 5000 Charging stations around the Greek Island and also help visitors to be guided around to see our wonderful places which will give them a great amount of positive memories.

The Scooters are equipped with the last generation of strong lasting Li-ion batteries which are able to charge anytime anywhere, which guarantee NON STOP pleasure of driving and for electric fuel.


Peak Season
100 plus charging stations are in function by all our partners

Off-Peak Season

As many places are closed in off season then limited charging stations in operation.

List Of charging station Partners

  • 72VOLT.com Cental Office Irodouto 11.

  • Evmotion Scooter Shop Artemisias 25.

  • Mikel’s Coffee Cafe. Asklipioy 3.

  • Olympia Restaurant. Zia

  • Asfendiou Taverna . Zia

  • Steve’s Local wines HATZINIKOLAOU. Main Road

  • King Size Beach Bar. Tigaki

  • Therma Beach . Therma

  • Agious Fokas Beach Club. Therma Road.

  • …..



The beauty of the charging station.

What can be better than freedom in moving and charging anytime you want.

Evmotion will secure that an owner or rental client will have access to charging points all over the Island and coming areas where we implement our services.

So no worries, if you need power we will be just around the corner.

Further more we will in strategic places build Swapping stations a kind of electric fuel station where you can stop and swap your battery including a cup of coffee. so if no time for charging then this will be the express way to fuel the battery.

β€” Lars Schnipper

Be the owner of a Evmotion Scooter.

Be the owner of the future.

We believe anyone should change to electric. and we will target to reach the best prices for quality scooters on the market, also in local places we will help with finance if needed to secure the future of our planet.

Just call us. mail us. whats app us.

and we will be there for you

β€” L.K.

Fight the pollution program.

Its not the question its a must.

We have to look into the future now and do our best to secure our planet. we cant just believe and hope that our kids will take care of that problem.

You, me and everyone have to step up now

β€” J.Y.


Spend quality away time with family.

And then god said, Let there be beauty,,,, So he created Greece